Friday, May 3, 2013

And The Winner Is .....

Ok...  I don't want to keep you in suspense any further!  Today is the day I announce the winner of my giveaway for the picture frame I created!  Using my trusty Luck Dog jar....

.. I stirred all the numbers around, had my husband reach in to pick out a number and ....

.. he pulled out No. 49!  That is you, Linda, at Coastal Charm!

Congratulations!  Please email me your address so that I can get this out to you right away.  I know you'll love it!!

And for the rest of you I am sending y'all (maybe if I start talking like a true southerner I will find that home in Charleston sooner rather than later!!) a virtual bouquet to thank you for entering!

This is not the gratuitous "thank you" to all my readers and followers.  Not in the least!  You should know me by now to understand that when I say "I appreciate your loyalty and your comments", it comes from the very bottom of my heart!  The comments you left touched me so as my scenario seemed to have struck a cord for many of you.  And as I said to some of you, the lesson to be learned is to not pass it on to our children.  Enough said!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!  I will be having a moving sale on Saturday~ Part I.  Yes, I said "Part I"!  Downsizing really makes you think about how many boxes you want to pack up and move.  Ughhh!!!  Thought I had really narrowed things down until I looked in the crawl space.  Nearly fainted!!!  So Moving Sale ~ Part II will have to happen.  There's no way this girl is going to write monthly checks for a storage unit .. been there, done that!!!!!


  1. Lucky Linda! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats to Linda and thanks Kadee for the chance!!!

  3. Congrats Linda! And, Kadee...I want to know where you got the Lucky Dog jar - it's AWESOME!

    Happy weekend - Tanya

    1. Hi, Tanya! I'm so glad the Lucky Dog tickled you! I made it and you can see the post here... now if only I knew how to create a link for you. Put in on my long list of things to learn techy-wise!! LOL

  4. Well honey child, I hope you find that house soon. House hunting can be a daunting task. BTW, congrats to Linda!

  5. Oh my...what great news:) I am sooo very excited to win this beautiful frame..thanks so much for the giveaway.


  6. Hi Kadee,
    Congrats to Linda. She is going to love the frame. Hope your sale is going great today.
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs Celestina Marie

  7. Congrats to Linda! She is such a sweetie....and so are you! I hope your sale went well! Hugs!