Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Caring Hearts .... Helping Hands


Our eyes were glued to the television set that day when the tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma.  A day that started out like any other.  Children dropped off at school .. sent on their way with a hug and a kiss.  Mothers rushing off to work or perhaps hitting the gym before starting their day of managing their home and family.  Fathers grabbing a cup of coffee on their way to work already thinking of that 11:00 meeting and are they prepared for it. Retired people going about their daily routine with their four-legged companions keeping them company. 

And then it hit. Midday, in the midst of our everyday routines.

It hit us, too.  The complete shock and helplessness. 

But in true American spirit we rallied around and started to dig in and dig out.  We found ways to help our fellow "neighbors" even though we are sprawled across this great country of ours.  A friend of mine has started Hope For Oklahoma
"A collection of online individuals coming together to raise funds to support our friends in Oklahoma."  Artists that have sent in their best work to be bid on in an online auction going on now and ending this Friday. Please visit this site and see everything available!

Another way to help is to visit 
 Central Oklahoma Humane Society
So many animals displaced due to the tornado.. so many animals in need of medical attention. This past Saturday, I held my second garage sale.. purging household items that I no longer need or can use in this much smaller home we are moving to.  It was a huge success, thankfully, and with half of the proceeds I am sending in a check in memory of my girl...

 ... Annie.  I always wanted to do something for other dogs in her honor.  My heart still misses her terribly. 

And what if the Hope For Oklahoma or the Central Oklahoma Humane Society aren't quite the right fit for you?  Then, my last suggestion is to put your two hands together and pray.  Pray for those in need.  There is so much power in that!


  1. That was a great idea to have a yard sale to raise funds for Oklahoma victims. And, to donate it in honor of your beloved Annie. She's beautiful and looks like she was a very sweet girl.

  2. PERFECT suggestions! Annie was beautiful...I just lost my Joe in February - those big holes in both our hearts are gonna' be there for some time! Hope your week ROCKS, Kadee - Tanya

  3. Hi Kadee, Beautiful, fellow Americans helping others in need. We too have donated from our local area.
    Your yard sale proceeds is the perfect help and to honor your sweet Annie is a great idea.
    She looks like a doll. I understand this missing too well as it was one year since our Golden Miss Beazy Lee, was hit by a car and passed on the 22nd of May 2012.

    Lots of prayers for the folks in Oklahoma too. God will see them through.
    Thank you for sharing this inspiration my friend.

  4. You are extraordinary and generous and wonderful.

    I think your girl is a beauty, they're family - we miss them so much when they're gone.

  5. We have had way too many sad events in this world of ours and my heart is heavy for so many others. Prayers and Healing Hugs are powerful and help. We who are fortunate do help in every way possible. You and you friend are doing excellent work. Annie is beautiful and helping. Blessings dear soul...

  6. What a great idea/way to honor your precious pup!

  7. You said it sooooooo well my friend! I love your generous spirit & loving heart. Miss our "chats". I think I'm about to come up for air. A problem with the paperwork for closing the sale of our old house but, I think we'll have our $$$$ tomorrow. Master bed & bath almost complete & we just take it one day at a time. Miss you!