Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Neighbors

A new town.. a new street..... new neighbors!  And I am completely blessed with it all!  It was a ton of work to get here. I packed up the entire house wrapping each item in newsprint and buffering it with bubble wrap. 

Dumpster diving became my favorite past time as I needed more boxes than I could have ever imaginedRolls and rolls of wide tape were used to close the lids. Some boxes with red tape, designating their need to be sent to storage, and others with clear.  Two... yes, two! ...garage sales later, multiple trips to the library to donate my books, and many more trips to Goodwill (I believe by the time we were through we must have filled a third of the store with our "stuff") and we were ready to leave the past behind and begin a new chapter!  As I said, a new town, a new street and new neighbors.

Neighbors that aren't shy about coming up and introducing themselves.  Conversations quickly become so comfortable that I feel as if I have known them for years! Sometimes I hear a voice call out my name as I head to the garage and I quickly turn to see my next door neighbor shouting out a greeting!  No reserved attitudes here and I feel blessed!

And as always, it is the little things that please me so.  You see, on both sides of our little house, my neighbors have unknowingly given me a gift each and every time my eyes gaze upon them.  And each and every time I break out in a contented smile.  My one neighbor has graced me with this sweet, little vignette.

A weathered section of white washed picket fencing enhanced with a single red geranium that has been neatly tucked into a chippy white clay pot!  Ahhh... I see she is a lover of vintage, too!  

Such a sweet touch and a charming way to detract from an AC unit.  And I'm the lucky one who gets to see it multiple times a day!

My other neighbor makes me smile when I gaze out one of my bedroom windows.  A window that initially made me groan as it's one of those octagon shaped windows we all drooled over in the early 90's. Now, as I gaze out of it in the morning, this is what greets me.

Call me crazy but I love the look of an old brick chimney so high up among the trees!

Call me even crazier as I instantly think of Julie Andrew's singing "Chim Chim Cher-ee".  Nice way to wake up in the morning, don't you think?

Oh!  and how can I forget out other neighbors that give both my husband and I such pleasure....

She is the mother of a delightful family complete with doting father.  Such docile rabbits I have ever seen.. seriously!  Not skitterish in the least. And six little ones lovingly nurtured by them both.

Just last night we were lucky enough to witness the mother nursing all six little ones right under our kitchen window... in the middle of the driveway!!  Some little ones had their legs flailing trying to keep their spot while others quietly enjoyed their dinner "a plein aire".  And the father?  Pacing back and forth, stopping on occasion to check and see if all was going well.  They tucked their babies into bed for the evening when dinner was completed, as a half hour later, we found the mother and father alone in the backyard no babies around.  Apparently, even rabbits understand the value of "date night" as they were calmly munching on the grass.. just the two of them!  Too funny!  

Yes... I do believe I am going to like it here!


  1. It sounds like you have found your home sweet home! I have always wondered what it would be like to move to a new place where I know no make it sound lovely!


  2. Hi Kadee, I'm so glad to hear that you like your new place and got such nice neighbors. You're surrounded by pretty trees and the rabbit family is so cute and doesn't seem to be very shy. I love the view you have from you bedroom window.
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Kadee, Oh such a wonderful spot to live and enjoy. Love the sight of the chimney and the sweet little picket fence is darling and so quaint! The bunny family is so sweet.
    So happy for you to be getting settled in your new home. Many blessings to you for lots of new memories and happy times.

  4. I hope your bunny family stays friendly when you start planting. I loved the 22 deer roaming our last community until they got too friendly. Those bunnies are so adorable though, I hope all goes well. I'm so jealous of your move and having a new home to makeover in your own way!

  5. So happy you are enjoying your new home, Kadee! Congratulations! Love the little bunnies...

  6. Kadee congratulations on your new home! Sounds like you found the perfect place :-) I did not realize that you were moving.Is it far from where you lived previously?Best wishes to you in making lots of new friends and memories in your new home.

  7. Such a lovely post. Welcomed to your new home with kind neighbors and vignettes to view and a resident rabbit family. Blessings dear...

  8. I'm so happy for you Kadee that you have found such a wonderful place. It looks so beautiful already!

  9. I can't wait to see pics of the rest of the house. The rabbits are precious!

    Christine Barker

  10. I am so happy for you! It think is just wonderful that you feel at home already. Can't wait to see some inside pics. Blessings to you in your new home, Patti

  11. How wonderful Kadee. It already looks and sounds like home. How wonderful that you have nice neighbors. And that family of rabbits is precious. We have a family of rabbits under our shed too. I say good morning to them everyday.. They are pretty comfortable greeting us in the morning. lol

    Happy Sunday.


  12. I am delighted that you have found "home"....the place where a simple bit of fence and a brick chimney can bring a smile to your face. Kadee, I think that means you are truly content....a very nice way to be.

  13. Wow! Lots of changes and nice new neighbors. Love your little bunny family.

    We downsized 16 years ago and donated so much stuff to the school rummage sale. We tell our kids how lucky they are not to have to do the cleaning when we are gone.

    Have fun in your new cottage.

  14. That all sounds so wonderful! I'm still sad not to have seen you at Karla's but I am so glad you are getting settled in your new digs!

  15. I LOVE YOUR WINDOW VIEW! I love that you have wonderful neighbors (yes, we were lucky too). And I love the bunny story... Date night??? What's that??? Do we get one soon??? We have bunnies too but, they munch quietly until Ms Elle darts out the door & the chase is ON!!!! Yes, we're the proud owner of a new shock collar. One story about the neighbors dog who was killed by wild animals & I knew Ms Elle needed to be a believer in the word "COME" instead of looking over her shoulder as the chase continued. HUGS!

  16. So nice to have good neighbors, Kadee. I feel blessed to have great ones too! Glad you're getting settled in and can't wait to see pics of the new home. I do love that chimney and old picket fence. I had bunnies as pets growing up so they stole my heart. Have fun settling in!

  17. Hi Kadee,

    Enjoy your new home and bunny friends! You even have a window with a view :-)

  18. Wow, what fun, and what challenge this looks like! Moving after a long time in one place would definitely be challenging! But lots of fun getting to know your friendly neighbors. Your little bunnies are sooooo cute.