Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here Comes The Sun

Once in awhile, the "spoiled child" comes out to see what's up.  Oh, oh... the corners of her mouth are drooping down thinking about the good ol' days when she'd wake up to the swish, swish, swish of the lawn sprinklers running.  Each station would run about five minutes getting every corner of the yard soaked during those hot summer months.  And how the grass, shrubs and trees would enjoy their daily dose of cool water!!  Responding by dressing themselves up in a rich shade of green, disregarding whatever the temperatures were.

Downsizing has happened in its truest form... even in regards to the size of the yard.  Our sprinkler system here?  Moving the garden hose!  Being a "garden club dropout", I haven't been doing a very good job. I keep forgetting, what with all the projects on the inside of the house to do, that wilting leaves means someone's thirsty!  That tinges of brown appearing within the centers of bushes means "water ~ ASAP"! 

I've reprimanded the "spoiled child" letting her know everything's ok.  That the reason why the neighborhood can be so quiet in the morning is due to the fact that neighbors don't have sprinkler heads popping up every five minutes. And their yards are perfectly fine without them!  I've turned that frown upside down again.  Doesn't take much to realize that this is the good life!

Linky to  Song-Ography where this week's inspiration was the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun".  This photo was taken last summer at our old house. 


  1. Great shot! And, wise words.

  2. Life is good. Lovely sprinkler shot with the sun shining through the water droplets.

  3. That is a wonderful pic, Kadee!

    We've had so much rain there has been very little need for sprinklers this summer here!

    Have a good week!!

  4. Oh those summer mornings and the sounds of sprinklers. Reminds me of having no pool, but having tons of fun regardless playing games while jumping thru the sprinkler mist...and eating Popsicles afterwards. Days of abundant "Here Comes the Sun". Great shot, great thoughts. Thanks for linking up this week to Song-ography :)

  5. Such a great capture! Love how the sprinklers look in that glorious morning light!

  6. Kadee - love your photograph. I can see your making this a new venture sometime. You definitely could sell these in a gallery! My husband has been moving the hose for years - he has chosen to water our yard that way. I am glad that I do not have to do it, but I think it is therapy for him...

  7. What a fab photo - love the sun and water shining!

    We haven't had to water at all this year - the rain has been almost not stop.

    Enjoy your week!

  8. Hi Kadee, Lovely post my friend. Love the photo and the way you captured the water as it flows through the air hit by the sunshine.
    We are watering like maniacs here in hot Texas!!
    Have a great week.

  9. I love the sound of those old fashion sprinklers, I could watch one for hours. It's pure summer and I best see if Target sells them, in case I want to relive my childhood.

    I love this post, Kadee, it is so true, we don't recognize our good lives some days.

  10. An attitude of gratitude is good to hear. Hope you get enough rain the rest of the summer to water the lawn naturally for you.

  11. Wonderful to see the sun shining through the water...such a lovely image! And thank you for your visit and your kind comment!

  12. love your image... conjures great memories.
    would love for you to join my friday meme 1440 at finding!