Friday, July 12, 2013

Only the beginning...... Studio Tour

Our little cottage.... just delightful for two!  When this house came on the market, it was perfect timing as we had to find something immediately ~ our house had sold that quickly and the new owners wanted possession within eight weeks.  YIKES!!! We pulled up in front (hmmmmm... it has potential.. needs a bit of fluffing to get some curb appeal) and upon entering through the side door (where the newly remodeled kitchen is ~ smart marketing on the realtor's part) I knew it was perfect for us me (husband misses a bigger home with a few added bells and whistles).  And like my boys when they were little, I went through the home wondering which room would be mine for my studio, giddy with anticipation!  As I topped the stairs... BINGO!... I found it!

A cute little room with wide old windows that end a foot from the floor. A room that faces a big ol' tree in the front and windows wide enough to give me a bird's eye view of the street and sidewalk. I love all the activity outside my windows...

 ... the swish of the cars coming.....

... and cars going.

People walking to the train station for another day of work in Chicago, women going for their daily walk or girls coming back from Starbucks which is a block and a half away from my front door.  Ok... now you see why I love it here!!!  Pretty soon I am going to have my own version of "Cheers" where I walk through the door of Starbucks and everyone turns and shouts out "Kaaadee!" 

Anyway,  the room with a view is my studio and I love it.  Now before I show you around.. which won't take long~ remember, it's a small, but darling cottage I live in~ I want to remind you that with downsizing came a lot of tossing and donating.  But that's a good thing because I really need to focus more on what I truly want to do within the confines of these four walls.

The picture railing around the room was perfect to rest my distressed "BE",  showcased with my banner from a swap I participated in.  A great way to be greeted upon peeking into my space.

I kept my two bookcases where I still have a large stash of fabrics..

... bins of trims (my two Navy duffel bags jammed with even more laces and trims are in another room for now)....

.. love the cloth bins from The Container Store!

Like "Sophie's Choice", I had to pick which mannequin of mine moved to the new house and which one headed for storage.  This precious lady drew the "lucky card" and now greets me each and every time I walk in.  

She's dressed in her twirly petticoat .. studded belts... and

.. pearls layered with bling!  Ahhhh.. a girl after my own heart!

I have some of my things tucked away in the large, but awkward, closet I've dubbed the Hobbit Hole!  No light, but working on it. 

It actually goes deeper on the right hand side.  And see what I mean about needing a light?  Made for a cool picture, though!

And the door knobs make my heart go pitty-pat.  Reminds me of the door knobs in Alice in Wonderland with their talking "faces".

Don't you love their big "noses"?  One door knob has the duty of holding my collection of keys.

So, now we turn to the right and see my work area.

The stool used to be in the master bedroom at the old house but I'm using it here to remind myself of the drop in the floor.  This ol' girl was built in 1907 so, like some of us, she has done some sagging with age. I've had a couple of plastic surgeons contractors come in for a consultation and they both said not to worry.  However, one did say if it gets too bad, it would be demo time.  Gesh... I hope no one every says that about me!! LOL

The other side of that desk area, shot in the morning light.  No, the cabinets are not green, but cream.  The leaves on the tree outside my windows cast a green hue. I need to add lighting to this room.  And whatever I choose, it has to be on the funky side. Funk mixed with junk.. oh, the ideas percolating in my little ol' head!

I do love this simple vignette.  An antique doll's dresser to set my solitary lamp on.  My uncle gave this to me when I was little so it has sentimental value.

And as you leave this little space of mine, glance to the right.  On the wall is a reminder of who I was/am.  

I'm the one in the pigtails to the right of the word "Days".  That little girl who loves to laugh, be silly and talk to strangers.  Who, to this day, feels most comfortable sporting bangs.  And in the frame underneath my class photo?  My award from the fire department for writing the best essay on fire prevention, composed in the fifth grade.  See?  Loved to write then and still do! I think we all need to remember our roots because a little of those beginning years still hangs in the fringes of our heart!

That's it for now!  Not bad for living here only three weeks, huh?  Next time I show you around, the studio will have layers of yummy goodness.  This is just the beginning of a love affair with my vintage cottage!

AND.... a huge "Thank You" to a very special lady who started out as an acquaintance designing my blog and has now turned into an amazing friend!  Karen Valentine is again hosting  the "Where Bloggers Create" party and this girl knows how to throw a good bash!  Visit Karen Valentine's "Where Blogger Create"  for a full list of other fabulous studio's to visit!  Lots of great ideas there!

Enough chat... thanks bunches for dropping by! Now to get my party on!!

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  1. This new space ROCKS, darlin! Love it!

    I think your space will bring you both much joy in the future. Congrats, your work space is amazing.

    I sooooooo need your organizing skills. You know LAST year's Where I Create party I promised myself I would clean it up and join in. Nope. Not again.
    I hang my head in true shame. I am so disorganized it isn't even funny anymore.

    But the rest of my house is picture perfect clean and pretty - but my work and craft space?

    I think starting monday I will devote the first hour of every waking work day to work on it and do it is chunks so I can get it done - baby steps may work, because when I see the big picture I get overwhelmed and can't think straight.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Really cute Kadee and I love all those windows too!

    How many homes do you have ? LOL LOL !

  3. Congrats on the new home. I'm sure you will make it as beautiful as ever. I love old doorknobs too. They have such character. Oooh, I see some pretty fabric in the hobbit hole. New projects coming? Can't wait to see.

  4. I love your creative space! 3 weeks and already you are settled in. The lighting is important and I am looking forward to see your funky lights!

  5. Kadee thank you for the tour. DARLING! You've made so much progress!!! You've put me to shame. I couldn't have pulled it together for this for anything. HECK! I don't even have a studio right now. Just a workshop full of boxes! Thanks for sharing!

  6. It seems like a really peaceful room, with the neutrals and the light reflected from the trees. I love a second floor room :-)

  7. Hi Kadee,
    All I can say is "Well done" for getting this mmuch together in such a short space of time. Your artful funky and junky touch will make it all your own.
    Don't forget to put yourself in my Giveaway!
    Have a fun tour,

  8. Oh, what a fun space for creating. I love the windows to watch over the street. I think I could be very creative there.

  9. I love your fabric stashed bookcase best of all. I love to see how people store their fabric...
    mine is hidden many places...I'm embarrassed at how much I I have to resort to hiding
    it...I'm sure you understand. Hahaha...Great room you have.

  10. Oh Kadee, you did a fabulous job on setting up your new studio. You are going to have the best time adding to it, I know mine took a lot of time. It's still a work in progress. I miss Chicago, lucky you!!! xo Rhonda

  11. Yes, Kadee, your wonderful cottage is so precious. Good for you. I love living in a smaller home. I also like your plan to "focus" on what you really want to do in your creative life. That's what I'm doing in 2013 and will make some decisions at the end of this year for where to go next. Or not. Lovely blog.

  12. What a wonderful studio! My craft-sewing room is on the front of the house, and I love my window on the world.

  13. Oh, how I LOOOOVE the windows! And the fabric (so neatly organized) is inspiring . . . What a beautiful space! The skirt on the form . . . delightful, too! Just love this little peek at your place. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  14. That room melts my heart. Can't believe you're close to being settled so quickly while I have boxes never unpacked in my garage after 2 years! You go girl.

  15. I love your it your real name or a blog name : ) I enjoyed visiting your creative space. Cheers from Singapore.

  16. Great studio, filled with so many beautiful things! I am not sure how much I would get done though, I fear I would spend a lot of time people watching.....

  17. Wow, I am impressed that you have settled in so well in only 3 weeks! I love your studio, your mannequin looks gorgeous in her frilly petticoat! I also really love your desk, it looks like two cabinets with a wooden top? Thanks for sharing your pretty space with us, have fun in your new home!!

  18. Hi Kadee, lol, You sure made me laugh about your version of "Cheers" and about the demo time. Your new studio looks great already and you've accomplished quite a lot in that short period of time. The bookcases are pretty and you've got a lovely fabric stash in there. I love the cloth bins you keep your trims in and of course those creamy white trims as well. The additional storage room is very convenient. I wish I had one. Your mannequin looks beautiful and I'm sure she loves her new place.
    Have a happy weekend!
    Hugs to you,

  19. Love your creative space!.. And I don't know if you're familiar with the movie or not, but your room reminded me very much like the room Bella had in the Twilight saga movies!! Now if only you could have a Taylor Lautner jumping in now and then, like Bella did!!!! Wouldn't THAT be nice?!! (0; O.k... I'll behave now!... Thanks so much for sharing your studio! It really is beautiful, and I enjoyed stopping by today! ~tina

  20. Hi Kadee, Your creative space is perfect. You have been such a busy girl pulling your room together so fast. I love every little detail. The wonderful view to the outside world is priceless. Love your school days wall. You are precious with your pigtails.
    Love your mannie dressed in her frills to greet you each day.
    I can see many happy days creating for you in this wonderful space. Looking forward to more of your darling cottage.

    Wishing you a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  21. Great start darlin'...can't wait to see what happens in the weeks to come...I KNOW it's gonna be fabulous! LOL
    just me...feelin' the feathers of envy already pokin' me...jan

  22. I almost could not tear myself away from your lovely view long enough to enjoy the rest of your amazing studio!! You have worked wonders in such a short time. I would love, love to find a mannequin like that for my son's girlfriend. She is wild about them and I have not been able to find a special (and not bankrupting!) one. I know you are going to be happy creating in this space!!

  23. Your new space has great bones and with your talents will be fantastic in no time at all. Love the window overlooking the world below. Enjoy your creative process making this space yours. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  24. Kadee - you have the windows and a view that I would die for.... Your studio is awesome and I cannot wait to see it when it is "done!" Looks pretty awesome now! Take care!

  25. Oh my you ever LEAVE that room? Not sure I could drag myself away!

  26. Your new space is lovely and the window view, with all the comings and goings, is definitely a bonus. Love the bookcases and desk too. Thanks for the tour.

  27. Your space is lovely...looking forward to seeing more.


  28. Beautiful room! Love the mannequin and her full skirt!

  29. I love the hardwood floors and the windows that are just a few inches above them! I am also one of those people that likes to gaze out the window and have the beautiful sunshine enter a room just slightly and then fill it within minutes. I like how you have one of your work areas positioned just in front of the window! The ledge above the window, yes, I would utilize that in much the same way you have, inspiration upon entering! Thank you for sharing your space. I know that we too will be down-sizing within the next 10 years. I hope and pray we can find as sweet a space as you have!

  30. Your space is beautiful Kadee...and that view is wonderful! I love all your little personal touches. It looks perfect to me the way it is, but I know you'll have fun tweaking it as time goes on. I'm now following you too, so glad we met at this party!

    Becky @ Vintage 541

  31. Such a lovely little room all your own! I can't wait to see how it looks next year, too ~

  32. Love it, Kadee! What a great space! I can't believe you put this together in three weeks. Amazing job. I love that little "hobbit hole", too. : ) I'm sure that will come in handy for storing and organizing supplies. Love your bookshelves. How great that you were able to bring them with you and use them here. We downsized almost two years ago and it's amazing to me that we had to downsize for me to get a craft/sewing room!

  33. Kadee, what a sweet space you have chosen. Love the BE and the banner! It's already coming together nicely. I know that in time you will give it lots and lots of personality. I joined Karen's party with my new craft room also. Can't wait to get in there and create. I too have more fluffing to do. Hope you'll hop over and take a peek!

  34. What a lovely space you have. I like how you have made such good use of every inch of it, especially the Hobbit Hole. It will surely be a beautiful space when you are done! Sue

  35. Hi Kadee,

    You have a beautiful new home and new room to be and create.It's been a long time
    and I did some catching up on your blog. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful and touching moments.
    Hope to visit you again soon.
    You're doing a wonderful job in your new house to make it your own style. Beautiful.

    Hugs, Wilma

  36. WOW...Id love to live in a place like that...walking around the neighborhood sounds delightful..but...I have wayyyyyy to much stuff, and I'm not a phase in my life to let go:):) thanks for sharing:)

  37. Fabulous, what a wonderful space and I adore your mannequin. How special is that. Thanks tons for linking up to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  38. What a darling space. So glad I was able to take the tour!

  39. A space all your own. Oh, how I wish I had this! It looks beautiful and very organized. I love it.
    Thanks, Patty

  40. Kadee that room is coming along fabulously!! I adore your banner that hangs in front of the window!!! I know how much work moving is, and the fact that you got this space looking so fab after such a short time is impressive!! Hope you are having a great week and had fun at the party!!

  41. Great creative space with a view! And all that fabric! Heaven.

  42. Wow, what a space you have for your work area. Love the picture with all your fabric. Congrats, your space is perfect and should bring you much happiness.

  43. Such a nice, new cottage nest for you, Kadee! Just 3 weeks, huh?! Wow...looks like you have already gotten a lot done! I think if my studio had a view like that I would not get anything done...I would just sit and watch!

    Thanks for stopping by my place, and I hope you enjoy this years WBC!


  44. Good Morning Kadee, My word, you have worked so hard to create your lovely sewing room in just three weeks. I love your reference to Alice in Wonderland as that is exactly what I saw when I looked at your door handles.
    My sewing room is a small room as well and it is situated in exactly the same way. I have my sewing machine at the window though, and I see the comings and goings of everyone.
    Do you know, I even have a small cupboard like yours..... how amazing, different houses, many miles apart, but very similar in style. The only thing I would say, is you have put me to shame as my room is a lot more messy..... I am now going to tidy it up.
    Kadee, It is lovely to meet you and I have really enjoyed my visit. I have become a new follower and I found you thanks to Yvonne's party at StoneGable.
    I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! when you have a moment to spare, as you will be most welcome.
    Best Wishes to you,

  45. Oh the door knob is delightful and I like your reflection in it, would make funny drawing. The whole house is great and so is your space for creating, love all the natural light and even if its green right now : ) You sure have done a lot in a very short time and it looks lovely. I laughed at your comment about the sagging, yes sadly that is the course we all have to take, just fingers crossed it wont hit the floor/ground. Gravity can be such a fun sucker!!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely space!!!

  46. Awesome Kadee! What a charming home; I love older houses. For just moving in, you've already done an amazing job... too cute about the class photos and award. I love that you have those memories up on your wall. And the doorknobs? Too cool!

  47. This charming little room with wonderful window is going to be for fun for you to fill with all of your treasures. Your cottage sound wonderful. I'll have to stop back by.


  48. what a sweet space to be creative in, if you don't get lost looking out the window lol! a great space for creating!

  49. What a great new space to "grow in" and love it that it is so near a starbucks... and in Chicago!! What could be better!

  50. Kadee, I LOVE your studio space! What a great view, charming details and yes, I adore the doorknob noses : ) Gorgeous space in a darling vintage home...sigh. Thanks for the tour!


  51. That looks promising! Love your mannequin and all the bling around her neck! Wish you a lot of fun "up there"!

  52. Well done for three weeks only. Thanks for sharing.