Friday, August 2, 2013

Lean on Me....

Kathy's assignment, over at You'll Shoot Your Eye Outis Bill Wither's song, "Lean On Me".  What image conveys that message?  Without a doubt it's this.

Thirty three weeks and one day... that's how long it's been since she's passed.  Thirty three weeks and one day since I've had to go it on my own.  We leaned on each other.  One was no less important than the other.  My rock.. my constant companion.. my soul dog is waiting for me on the other side.  

You can read my tribute to Annie here. 


  1. As I sit here typing this, my sweet pup is waiting for me to give her a little attention this day. Unconditional love for sure.

    I read the Annie story and what an incredible tribute to our sweet little fur babies. I had to put my 3 year old pup down a few years back and I grieved in bed for days. I couldn't speak of it for months. These little spirits are so close to our hearts it hurts when they leave us.

    Perhaps there is still room for another companion down the road, Kadee. xo Rhonda

  2. I know the huge loss when our beloved companions leave before we do. They are so precious. Just last night I thought I saw my little Sasha BooBoo sleeping on the chair only to remember she is on the other side. I shall forever miss her. This photo of Annie is so cute and shows how much she loves you...forever! May you always have your beautiful memories of Sweet Annie. Blessings Dear...

  3. I saw this in my daily bloglovin' reader before you've got it linked up...but didn't want to wait to comment. Being the totally crazy dog lover that I am, I totally get it. What is it about the special kind of love and devotion our canine pals bestow upon us, that causes us to immediate return the favor? It's truly a mutual "Lean on Me" kinda love going on. They only have eyes for us...and what beautiful, soul baring, eyes they have! Altho I am saddened that you don't have her in physically present in your life anymore, I am so happy that you had the opportunity to experience her love. And I'm sure she felt blessed too. Thanks for allowing "Lean on Me" to share this wonderful pup with us. And thanks for linking up this week to Song-ography.

  4. Such a powerful's beautiful, sweet, heart breaking, heart warming... What a beautiful face and a wonderful photo.

  5. My heart aches for you, sweet Kadee.

    That pic, oh her eyes - our fur babies are so truly precious.

    My kitty - Lumbar Cat, Romeo is sitting behind me in this office chair as I type.

    Where I go he is always right there with me ALWAYS.

    So I hurt for you, it takes a new fur baby to get over the void they leave going to Rainbow Bridge, truly.


  6. I just read your original tribute to Annie. I left a comment there, too.

    Heart breaking, and you have such an amazing way with words, just WOW.

    Heart-felt comforting hugs to you.

  7. What a beautiful girl Annie was. I am so very sorry for your loss. I can so relate, as we lost our sweet Emily almost 5 months ago. I still miss her dearly and always will. Sending you big hugs.

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your lovely forever friend. So sorry for your loss! Very hard losing those wonderful friends

  9. Annie's story was beautiful and so special. Pets hold such deep places in our hearts. I've had to say good-bye to several and while I'm more of a "cat" person I truly understand your feelings. We do come to lean on them and depend on them more then we think is humanly possible and when they are gone it leaves a big hole in our hearts. I'm a firm believer though that those who have gone before would not want us to not allow another furry friend into our lives and so I've always managed to find another sweet little friend who needs love and attention showered on them. Oh gosh didn't me to go on and on there.

  10. Hi Kadee,
    What an impressive post. I read the post about Annie. It is so special and I so love her beautiful face and eyes. I'm very sorry for you Kadee, I know this pain and I hope you'll find peace and comfort in the future time.
    Your way of putting this in words is so very touching.
    Will be thinking of you !!

    Blessings and warm Hearthugs to you,

  11. What a beautiful image and sentiment. I am a Bill Wither fan and a huge dog lover. I sympathize with you greatly.