Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vintage Pink

                         Vintage pink.

                   Distressed with time.

                   A glittered banner

                   I wished were mine! 

I went over to Kathy's blog, You'll Shoot Your Eye Out  and found that this week's theme was "Pink".  You know I love vintage! Make it vintage AND pink?  And I'm in heaven!  Sprinkle it with a bit of glitz and I'm over the moon!!


  1. My daughter is getting married next summer in a beautiful old mansion, and she wants it to be "vintage and pink"...and I want a bit of glitz, so I think we are kindred spirits :). Thanks for joining in on Song-ography!

    1. It's my pleasure, Kathy! We are having a wedding in our family too... in April! And her color? Blush. Everytime I say that I think of the line in the movie... "my cullah is blush" said with a very southern drawl. Love!

  2. Now this is making me swoon...vintage and pink and glitz! Creative Bliss...
    Now I am off to check out Kathy's blog. Falling Into Autumn...

  3. Beautiful ! I am a lover of worn and shabby and it doesn't get better than your gorgeous image.

  4. I'm a huge pink lover as well! I'm also off to check out that blog.....and of course I love that banner!

  5. LOVE pink - and don't have a drop of it in my home - I have to remedy that I think !!!
    Gorgeous banner!

  6. Right there with you sista!

    Enjoy your week!

  7. I never used to like pink, but in the last three years, I have grown to love it. I even bought a purse this year with pink leather straps! That banner is gorgeous and love that poem!

  8. Super pretty and I do love the vintage feel.

  9. I do love pink but do not have it in my home but love it. I have seen this rose painted picture and it is gorgeous.

  10. Hi Kadee,
    What a great pink picture !!
    I love vintage.

    Hugs, Wilma.