Monday, October 14, 2013


                      Look out any window
                      Look out any open door
                      Look out any window
        See what's going on in the air around you.

                       Lyrics to "Look Out Any Window
                                               B.R. Hornsby/John Hornsby 

 Flying down a country road, a blur of bright colors mashed together.  It caught my eye.  A sharp contrast to the dusty, muted tones of harvest fields.  Dried corn and bean crops with farmers in the midst of harvest, knowing the onslaught winter is breathing down their necks.   Those bright colors.  The unexpected.  Requiring me to turn around and capture this on film.  

As I'm viewing others who have submitted a photo to Kathy's Sunday "Song-ography" at You'll Shoot Your Eye Out,  I felt this one was worthy to be added.   With the lyrics to "Look Out Any Window" being the prompt, I focused on the line "look out any open door".  And here's where I am going to get a bit personal.  How many times have I felt locked in.  Trapped.  Blocked.  Seeing doors closed.  I sit and stare at them.  However, the reality is that I already am free.  It just requires seeing the possibilities.  Requiring a completely different mindset and point of view.  And that's what I see with these doors in the field.  These doors that you think require you to put your hand on the knob and turn it are already open.  The possibilities are right there.  I'm just sayin'. 

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