Thursday, January 31, 2013

Luxury For Less

Isn't it interesting to look back over the years and see how your taste has changed and developed when it comes to decorating your home?  My first several homes were filled with primitive antiques... a reflection of growing up in New England with a family that loved jaunts to antique shops.  Put my life on "fast forward" and you can see the subtleties of a shift in my decor.  The warmth, elegance, and attention paid to details, in both French Country and Swedish design, has drawn me to a new love over the past fifteen years.

I have purchased and perused just about every book available that detailed French Country decor.. trying hard to understand the rhyme and reason behind every gorgeous photograph within.  Slowly, changes were being made in my home with new knowledge of what it would take to get the look and feel.  One thing that I noticed in so many of the photographs was the use of textiles.  Textiles that were casually tossed on beds, chaises, and chairs of various purposes. 
The throw you see here is the same one you saw on the Louis XV chair in the previous post. I've just laid it at the foot of our bed.  Rumpled on purpose in such an "oh,blase" way (trying to work the french attitude!).
And here's what I want to share with you!  It's not an expensive, luxurious throw from some 'chi-chi' store.  It is 2 1/2 yards of 54" upholstery fabric!  Only hemmed on the width of it, leaving the rough, selvedge edge exposed, creating a worn look.  Voila!  Vintage!  

The other day I went to Calico Corners to take some shots of variations you could use.  (By the way, they currently have taken deep discounts on some discontinued fabrics.. check it out!)  Keep in mind, you need to look for upholstery fabrics that are mostly cotton, some rayon, and bit of polyester so that it wears forever.  

In all of these, I have shown the front and back of the fabric.  Since this will be used as a throw, the back is equally important.  I've also tried to show the selvedge.. the fraying that so appeals to me for the added texture.  

Now.. perhaps you've noticed that these fabrics are more colorful than what my decor shows in the beginning photo.  Yes... there is a change a-brewin'.  Color is calling my name and when we move again my decor will most certainly reflect that.  Get prepared, honey... I'm going to need the charge card once more!!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

From Shabby to Chic

It started out rather miserable looking.  Poor dear!  Wrapped in worn and natty looking fabric which did nothing enhance its rather peculiarly shaped body.  It's feet had seen better days as they were covered in old furniture polish and just general dirt and gunk.  But it was a footstool that spoke to me, even in that condition, as I could see beyond its tired looking exterior.
this is one refinished foot
It was a piece I had bid on in a country auction in Iowa.  I knew it had good bones! It was solid as a rock... no structural tweeking necessary.  And what I discovered when I started pulling off the fabric, was horsehair.  This was a true vintage beauty!  

It was only recently that I decided it was time to bring this gem out of hiding for a make-over.  First up, were the feet.  This is my favorite product to use to get grim and old polish off of wood.
Using triple 000 steel wool, saturated with the antique improver, and some elbow grease, the wood was quickly brought back to life.
Now the carvings and detailing just popped!  With all four feet revived, I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use to cover it.

Several years ago I went to Round Top (woohooo! another flea market ticked off my bucket list!) where I had purchased a roll of vintage homespun linen.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Entering this particular tent, on a most beastly hot and humid Texas day, I was greeted by roll after roll of vintage homespun linen. Up until this point I had never seen a sight like this before.  It was heavenly!  After much deliberation, I decided that one of those needed to be mine.  Pointing to one of the smaller rolls, I asked the woman, "How much are you asking for it?"  With a bit sadness in her eyes, she looked at me and said, "I really don't know the exact prices.  You see, my husband was the one who did the negotiating and he recently passed away.  I'm just trying to get rid of them."  My heart broke hearing her words... seeing that the light had dimmed from her face. That roll of homespun linen, that I carried under my arm the rest of the day, came with a story I will never forget!

So there you have it!  A memory of an Iowa auction married to the memory of woman I had only met once. Both left indelible impressions!  Without further ado, I give you.......
my sweet footstool!  I love its simplicity.. the full gathered skirt. Perfect for resting my feet on when I sit in this chair and read.  Perfect for resting my feet when I watch tv.

Place a quaint side table next to it and the vignette is complete!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Party Chick

Good grief!  Time has been getting away from me!  I've been having such a fabulous time being part of this blogging party that I have yet to leave!  Vicki, you are one "hostest with the mostest".  Just let me stay a bit longer and I will have a new blog post up by tomorrow!

See you then, everybody!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's My Blogging Anniversary

They say to look back over your childhood, at what you loved to do, and you will find where your passion lies as an adult.  Ok... tried doing that.  I would go off by myself, sit quietly, and run the memories of my childhood through my head.  Nothing!  I would wake in the middle of the night, sure that in this most peaceful time, some memory would trigger a major "ah-hah!" moment.  Nope.. I got nothing!  Bought every self-help book and DVD imaginable hoping that the magic formula for finding my life's purpose would expose itself to me.  No!  Nada!  NOTHING!  Gesh... my career as a full-time mom was coming to an end and I needed to find that passion ~ my purpose ~ in a hurry!

After a year of blogging, I do believe I understand now!  Quite innocently.  With the answers being exposed to me so gently that it's taken a year of blog posts to have the dots become connected.  And what is that answer?

I am a writer who loves to share my passion for travel.  Combine this with art classes and I am in heaven!
Kim Caldwell's Affair at Tiffany's
Terri Brush's Oregon Dream Event
Lynn Whipple's class at Jenny Doh's Crescendo Studio
Shea and Debbie's Spellbound Event
These are just a few I have been to and by writing about them, I hope to encourage others to join in the fun!

I am a crafter who works with many different mediums.
Soldered charm
One of my tote bags
Chandelier shades using vintage laces and trims
Felted needlecase
Felted mitten
Mixed-media crown

I am a lover of all things vintage.

Vintage laces and crocheted pieces
Vintage ledger paper
Display at Junk Bonanza
Antique dealers booth
Fabulous finds at Junk Bonanza

I am a seeker of design.  Finding inspiration everywhere!
Book page skirt
Anthropologie has the most creative window displays
Marie Antioinette display at Vignette in California

A charming room at Rue de Lillie, Summerland, California

Creative use of a book to enhance a jewelry display

Writer.... crafter... charmed by vintage.... inspired by design.  All of these interests I exhibited as a child and it would never have been wrapped up so neatly for me if I had not started blogging.  And the "bow" on this package?  YOU!  The readers who drop by for a visit and delight in what you find.  You support me and make me smile with your sweet comments that are lovingly left on my doorstep.  I've invited you into my home and life and we have become friends!  I would love to have you "follow" me.  Who knows what we will discover together!

                 ONE MORE THING...  A GIVE-AWAY!!!

I can't let you leave without a gift from me!  Especially as it's a special occasion!  I'm having a give-away where I will mail this to one lucky winner!  All you have to do is leave a comment below and on February 1st I will randomly draw a name.  How cute will this look set out for Valentine's Day?  It's one of my newest creations and I'm thrilled to offer it to you!  Thanks again for dropping by .... I look forward to seeing you next time!!! 

                                                                 xoxo Kadee

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's A First For Me

Today I'm entering all new territory.  Territory I never have charted before...

not in 33 years as a woman who chose to stay at home to raise her family.

That's a long time to then have your whole world change.

Oh, I've been through major changes before.  Like when my first born

graduated from high school and then went away to college. I was always so

excited for him to enter each new phase in his life.  I just wasn't expecting 

how hard I would take it when it happened. However, I had the responsibility 

of knowing there were two other boys still at home and needing my attention.  

No time to sit back.

Two years later, my middle son joined his brother in Arizona to attend

his first year of college.  I can still see him driving off down the road,

car crammed with everything he would need to start the next chapter in 

his life.  As I waved good-bye with tears in my eyes, I turned and saw my

youngest standing behind me.  One more who needed my attention.  

No time to sit back.

When it was time for the "baby"  to leave for college, my heart broke.  My

career as a full-time, stay-at-home mom had come to an end.  Yes, I had 

filled my life with travel always seeking new interests but I loved being 

there for my boys. 

There I sat, on the stairs that used to resonate with the sound of footsteps

running up and down,  and my tears flowed.  Until I felt the nudge of a cold

nose on my arm.  I turned and saw my four-legged child standing beside me

ready, as always, to comfort me.  

No time to sit back.  I was not alone. 

That's my Annie that you see!  I can't regale you with hilarious stories about

her.  I can't tell you about quirky habits.  That wasn't her.  But perhaps you

might understand her when I tell you how she came to live with us.  Two

years had passed since our last two dogs had died at ripe old ages.  The boys

were missing having a pet in the house and I was finally ready to embark 

on adding to our household once more.  However, there were requirements.

Strict requirements!  

1. English Springer- black and white this time
2. Six months old - not wanting to go through the puppy stage
3. Female - with all that testosterone in the house I needed to bond with 
    another female
4. Not a barker

After looking at breeders in our area and coming up with nothing, I was given

a name of someone in Minnesota.  I called her.  "Yes, I actually have a dog

that meets all those requirements!  Her name is Abbey.  BUT I already have

a couple that wants to come and look at her.  If they don't take her, I will

let you know."  Oh, sure!!!  These people will fall in love and I'm going to 

have to continue my search.  Two nights later, as I was going to run an 

errand, I thought about Abbey.  Hmmmm.... I would definitely have to change

the name if she were mine.  (My husband's ex-girlfriends' name.  The one 

before me!  I think all you ladies out there understand!!)  "Annie"!  I could

call her "Annie"!  Sounds similar and it wouldn't confuse the dog too much.

Wrapped in the darkness of the evening, starring up into the star filled sky, I

shook off the hope that it would come to fruition.  Pulling into the garage on

my return home, my husband greeted me at the door.  "We got a phone call!

She's ours if we want her.  The other couple cancelled their visit!!"

Seriously?  I couldn't believe our luck!  If that isn't God's hand in this, I don't

know what is!   

Such a gentle spirit you would ever meet!  If you looked deep into those

dark eyes you could see the hand of God.  And we were blessed to have been

the family chosen to take care of her!  For me it even went one step further as

we were "attached at the hip".  Any step I made... she followed.  No matter

how many times I went up and down the stairs, she was right there.  Working

in my studio?  She sat in the oversized, comfy chair while I worked away.

Trips in the car?  She would be so excited to go!  And I felt comfort in looking

over my right shoulder and seeing her curled up in the back seat.  I had

back surgery, and she stayed by my side... not demanding a single thing.. the

whole time I recovered.  Such unconditional love and devotion I had never

experienced before! 

She was twelve when her eyesight started to go.  Those eyes that searched for

me when she woke up from a nap and I wasn't there, could no longer find me

with ease.  And she would become disoriented.  Bumping into walls.  Getting

stuck in corners and we would have to rescue her. Guide her back to the safety

of the couch.

She still would get in the car every time we went somewhere.  Still excited

to go with us even though now she needed help getting in.  In October, I 

celebrated my birthday with a roadtrip to go antiquing.  Annie was right there

in the back seat.  My dearest friend and companion. I stopped at a road stop on

the way... one of the prettier ones around... and took this photo to

commemorate our adventure.  

 Just looking at her, you would never know her eyesight was gone or that

her spirit was taking a toll from all the confusion.  That is what made it 

hard for us.  We tried everything we could to make her life improve.  But

bumping into walls was turning into incessant twirling in circles.  Each

completed circle made her even more stressed.  Putting her on the couch,

out of harm's way, didn't ease her discomfort.  And I knew.  I knew as much

as she didn't want to leave me... and I didn't want to leave her (after all, she

was to live forever, right??!) I had to do what was the kindest thing for her.

On December 17th, God received her back.  God's precious angel had 

returned once more to His fold.  I was blessed to have been the one chosen

to take care of her while on earth and will be eternally grateful! 

 The pain at being the one left behind is unbearable at times! I know it will ease

with each passing day.  And I know someday I will want another four-legged

child in my home and in my heart.  But for now my house is empty.  Really 

and truly empty... the first time in 33 years!

 I will have to relearn how to fill my days.  A trip to Starbuck's  for my iced

 tea.... spring cleaning a closet just a bit early ..... going into my studio to see

 if something triggers my creativity.... maybe even learn to like shopping for

clothes!  Baby steps. One day at a time.  And some time in the future it will 

feel right!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So Simple Yet So Good

The parties are over.... you've spent all day taking down the decorations

that made your home special for the holidays... and now it's time to figure out

what to serve everyone for dinner.  Opening the refrigerator door, you see it.

The pizza box delivered to your front door as the clock was ticking down the

minutes to the new year!  
Lifting the lid, you spy just a few pieces left. Not enough for everyone.  Do you

throw it away?  NOOOO!!!!  Try this idea, instead, as I suggest you create

a fabulous Italian omelet!
The fillings for omelets are usually some kind of cheese, meat and veggies.

Isn't that what is on your pizza?  Plus, you have all the seasonings from a 

bit of sauce!  So, peel the crust away from the toppings, place on a

microwaveable plate and heat for roughly 15-20 seconds.  You are merely

warming it up. You don't want it to get gooey as it will heat up even further

once you slide it on top of the cooked eggs.
In the meantime, get out your eggs and whip up a basic omelet.  When the 

eggs have set, place your pizza topping on the one side and flip the other

half of the eggs over it.
To make your omelet have even more flavor, warm up your favorite tomato

sauce in the microwave and pour over the top.
Plate it with a few cheese sprinkles on the top just to add more appeal.
And there's dinner!!!  Looks wonderful... tastes amazing!  When you try this,

recipe let me know what you thought!  Ciao!! 

I have linked up to Stone Gable blog for On the Menu Monday.... please drop on by her blog to visit other tasty ideas for what to serve!  Enjoy!