Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter White

I have to admit.... here in Chicago, we have been spoiled. These past few years winters have been relatively mild.  In fact, last winter, the golf courses were still open in December.  In March, people were wearing their summer clothes for the St. Patrick's day celebration.  Unbelievable!!  And this year?  Lots of grey skies but snow was a rarity.... until this week.  We got hit with the snowstorm that took no prisoners in the midwest.  The snow started falling in the morning, continued throughout the day and well into the evening. Soft, fluffy flakes the size of a quarter that kept piling one on top of another, covering the ground with a plush blanket of snow!  A true Hallmark moment with strains of "Let It Snow" resonating in my head.  But wait!  Didn't we put the Christmas decorations away some time ago??  Conflicting thoughts of "this is soooo beautiful" mixed with "I just bought the latest trend for the spring season!" Forget the new season's colors... time to go back to winter white!

Bushes bending in half under the weight of a heavy, wet layer of snow

The brilliant red of a Cardinal against a backdrop of white

I love the painterly look of barren trees perfectly outlined in white

And the highlight of this late winter treat?  Seeing this gorgeous creature calmly sitting in our backyard.. enjoying the peacefulness of the day!

A special thank you to Deborah at Green Willow Pond ... my last post on the hangers was featured at her blog!  I am beyond thrilled!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Details Matter.... A New Hanger

See the sweet child's coat in the corner?  I swoon whenever I encounter vintage children's clothing!  Precious baby sweaters with their adorable tiny buttons... white nightgowns delicately embroidered with flowers... and outerwear, such as this cream colored wool felt coat.  Don't you just love the wide collar, edged with hand sewn trim,  and the sleeves with a turned up cuff? 

 I have it displayed, along with several other pieces of clothing from times gone by, on the wall in my studio.  A wall that is as old as the clothing itself.... they're plaster walls in this 1929 home of mine!  Love them dearly with all their imperfections but to hang something on them is not nearly as easy as it is with drywall. So, I have found a simple solution for lightweight objects.... removeable hooks! However, look a bit closer..... 
AWK!!!! So not loving that stark,white plastic hook!  Does not enhance, in the least, my little vignette. However, with a little bit of thought, and an itch to get creative, I found the perfect solution!  Let's get to work!!
 These are the hooks I prefer as I love the touch of metal and also, that they are moveable.  However, for this project I wanted to take away that metal edge and create a tonal look.  I decided I would need to paint this part.
I taped them to a wooden stir stick and suspended it between two cans of paint.  As they do move... ah-HA! the design serves a purpose!... I had the metal bit stick straight up.  Ready to spray paint them a soft cream color.
Voila!! Now to cover the white plastic base.  I chose to use book pages and gathered my supplies together.
Book, brush, soft gel medium or matt medium, and a bowl with water.  The reason for that is you need to soften the fibers of the paper so it becomes pliable when gluing it on.  Dip the paper in the water for a few seconds, take out and pat excess water off.  Apply glue to the base and lay the paper on top.  Get it into place and brush another light layer of glue on top.
This one is half-way completed. Again,with the hook being moveable, it becomes easier to work the other side.
Now they're done!  Have fun with embellishing their look. As you can see, I glued a single pearl on one.  What about buttons or a tiny flower?  I even chose to glue paper on the removable strips hanging down.  And now how does it look on the wall?  Here's the "before"....
And here's the "after".......
Just a subtle change but one that works so much better.  The eye sees the whole image, now, rather than gravitating to the stark white hanger first. Some days you just need to make the magic work!
       So excited!  I was featured at Shabilicious Friday!
                  Thank you so much, Kerryanne!!
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Steppin' It

Writing a blog?  baby steps......
      Blog design??  baby steps.....
            Linky parties???  baby steps........

 I really am comfortable with taking these baby steps.  That's due to the fact that what I write about must be completely me.  I don't want blogging to become a "have-to" situation~  having a schedule always logged out.  Trust me... I truly admire those that do and, as a result, have become VERY successful!  I won't take away from anyone's glory, that is for sure!

But right now, that is not me. Maybe if all the technical things needed to get a blog up and running were easy... if I was tech savvy... I probably would be further along in the process.  But I'm not.  So, I baby-step it as I get comfortable with everything. 

My latest baby-step was joining linky parties!  The first time I dipped my toes in the water I joined just a few.  Hmmmm... that wasn't so hard!  Next week, I joined a few more.  Hey!  I'm getting into the party mode, people!   And that is when I received a most rewarding email from Debra @ Common Ground.  She informed me that she chose my post, about my hand crafted, vintage-inspired needle case, to be featured on her Be Inspired Friday #126 LinkyParty! 

                         I was over the moon!!!!

                          A first for me!!

That kind of acknowledgement makes anyone smile from ear to ear!  Thanks so much, Debra, for the kindness you showed me! I am one very happy ... and encouraged ... blogger!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Heart My Friendships!

It's been a bit crazy at my house what with the flu bug deciding it had such a good time visiting us over Christmas that it just had to make a return visit! Sniffle... sniffle, hack... hack!  So not pretty!  I couldn't take this last round lying down as Valentine's Day was right around the corner.  And I love to send a little something to a few of my long distance friends who have shown me special kindnesses in the past year.  Here is one sweet heart I sent on its way... along with words that says it all!

                  A friend is someone who knows ...

                     the song in your heart ...

                    and can sing it back to you ...

               when you have forgotten the words.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, near and far... to all my blogging friends and followers.  I truly "heart" you!

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